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Bungie Officially Announces Destiny Beta, Reveals The Moon Trailer

Following the discovery of the beta phase for Destiny last week, Bungie has decided to come forward and confirm the news officially on its official website.

The public beta will be hosted sometime in early 2014, and will be available for testing to those who preorder the game.

To top up the official announcement of the beta with some extra sprinkling, Bungie has also revealed a trailer for Destiny, called “The Moon”. The trailer gives a hint at the initiating plot of the game and how it will create the setting of what you will do to defend your home: Earth. The game’s action-packed shooter gameplay has also been highlighted, as has the various methods through which enemy and player interaction occur.

Destiny won a large amount of acclamation at the E3 this year for its diverse and rich action-packed presentation. Bungie already has a huge reputation thanks to its phenomenal work on the Halo series, making Destiny seem like an almost guaranteed success when it comes out.

The game is expected to launch somewhere in 2014 for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.