FFXIV Online: ARR Conjurer Guide – Skills, Traits, Jobs and Off-Class Abilities

By   /   Sep 3, 2013

Even though the support role in most MMORPG games is one that doesn’t involve direct offense, it is still one of the most played, and arguably one of the most essential specializations in a party.

Final Fantasy XIV brings us a classy support class in the form of the Conjurer, a powerful class that is the archetype for all healing in the game.

FFXIV Online: ARR Conjurer

Conjurer is the primary healing class in FFXIV, and also the central class in Disciple of Magic.

Players who play other classes almost always look towards the Conjurer’s brilliant skillset to acquire important defensive skills. It can easily be said that without a Conjurer, a part is completely useless, as it’ll falter soon.

The Conjurer’s effectiveness can be further boosted by taking on the White Mage specialization, which we’ll discuss later.

Recommended Race
The best Conjurers are from the Elezen and Lalafell race. However, the “Keepers of the Moon” of the Miq’ote are also creatures with powerful Minds, ideal for becoming Conjurers.

Combat Role

The Conjurer is a ranged healer and support character that grants selfless buffs to allies and self, and is the core character to look towards when gravely injured.

In addition to support, Conjurers can also assist in offense with their small but useful set of DoT skills.

The main weapons that a Conjurer can wield includes Wands, Crooks, Radicals, and Canes. Their most important attribute is Mind, which grants them healing power.

If you are playing, you might want to consider small investment in Intelligence, which aids in magic damage.

Conjurers, like others in the Disciple of Magic, have low health and weak armor. Thus, it is essential for them to stay behind in the protection of a Gladiator and/or Marauder.

The Conjurer should be responsible for constantly healing DPS characters like the Pugilist and Lancer in the midst of battle, while also periodically providing aid to the rest, including tanks.


Almost all the Conjurer skills are selfless, one way or the other related to buffs, boons, and healing. However, some skills, such as Stone, Aero, and Aura, are pretty good damage dealing abilities, though you won’t need them as much in parties as you would in solo games.

A well-developed Conjurer is very powerful and can give both offensive and defensive aid to a party, and is good enough to solo by itself.

Skill Unlock Levels
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50.

Skills List
The following are Conjurer skills, listed in ascending order of unlock level.

Deals earth damage with a potency of 140.

Restores target’s HP.

Deals wind damage with a potency of 50.

Cleric Stance
Swaps current INT and MND attribute ratings, while increasing potency of attack spells by 10% and reducing potency of healing spells by 20%. Effect ends upon reuse.

Increases the physical defense of all party members within range of target.

Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.

Resurrects target to a weakened state. Cannot be used when in combat.

Fluid Aura
Deals water damage with a potency of 150.

Removes a single detrimental effect from target.

Stone II
Deals earth damage with a potency of 170.

Inflicts target with Sleep.

Cure II
Restores target’s HP.

Creates a barrier around target that prevents physical damage totaling 10% of target’s maximum HP.

Shroud of Saints
Reduces enmity by half.

Cure III
Restores HP of all party members within range of target.

Aero II
Deals wind damage with a potency of 50.

Medica II
Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.


Traits are passives that are unlocked from level 8 onwards. They increase the character’s attributes also enhance their skills.

In the Conjurer’s case, the Traits mainly increase the Mind attribute, and also enhance the curing capability of many of the skills.

Traits Unlock Levels
8, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48.

Enhanced Mind
Increases mind by 2 points.

Enhanced Mind II
Increases mind by 4 points.

Adds increased magic defence to Protect effect.

Increased Action Damage
Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 10%.

Enhanced Mind III
Increases mind by 6 points.

Enhanced Raise
Allows the casting of Raise while engaged in battle.

Grants a 15% chance that after casting Cure, the MP cost of your next Cure II will be 0.

Increases Stoneskin effectiveness to 18%.

Increased Action Damage II
Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 30%.

Grants a 15% chance that after casting Cure II, your next Cure III will restore critical HP.

Enhanced Shroud of Saints
Increases Shroud of Saints refresh potency to 80.

Off-Class Abilities

One way to add versatility to your class is by utilizing shared skills from other classes.

In order to do this, you must first complete your class quest at level 10, after which you can go to the other class(es)’ guild to play as that class.

In order to unlock the ability, you will need to level that class till it is unlocked. Once it is, you will be able to use it with your main class and other classes you may have developed in the playthrough.

So, for example, if you were playing as a Lancer and you wanted the Cure and Protect skills from the Conjurer, you would need to acquire the Conjurer class, level it to level 8, unlocking both Cure and Protect on the way, and then go back to being the Lancer to use the skills.

This adds great versatility to the classes, and is quite useful for those who are doing a solo playthrough. If you’re in a party however, you should look towards Jobs, since they ‘super-specialize’ your character, allowing you to fulfill your role in the team in a much more efficient manner.

Recommended Off-Class Abilities for the Lancer
Well, this is a toughy, isn’t it? Most of the other classes will blindly look towards the Conjurer for its all-important healing and defensive skills, especially Cure and Protect, which are probably the best and most basic defensive skills in the game.

But being a Conjurer, you’ll need to look somewhere else. In this case, I would go towards the Lancer. That might sound odd, but it isn’t. Keen Flurry unlocked at Level 6 can be quite useful during solo games, as it increases Parry, which is essential in dungeons.

It is also quite useful to pick up the Thaumaturge as well, as it will grant you a dot, which stacks with your Aero.

If you wish, you can further level the Thaumaturge to acquire Surecast (level 8), which is really, really good for solo Conjurers, since you do NOT want your important Cures to be interrupted by enemies.

I would also pick up Thunder to give me some additional offensive skills to fiddle with during my lonely journey. However, if you’re playing as a Conjurer in your party, then it’s best to go searching for a Job.

Skill Rotation

Skill Rotation with the Conjurer is a bit difficult; it needs to be more condition-based rather than ‘this skill followed by that skill followed by that other skill”. Since the Conjurer is primarily a party-dependent class, I will list the most commonly used rotation by most beginner Conjurers.

  • Wait for Tank to develop aggro
  • Cast single target heals as needed.
  • Cleric Stance
  • Aero
  • Cleric Stance

Of course, this is super-basic, and that’s what it’s meant to be. It’s not stone-carved, so you can obviously try out another rotation that suits your playstyle best.


So what are Jobs? Basically, Jobs are super-specializations for your main class.

In order to acquire a job, you need your main class to be leveled to 30, and another class (changes according to job) to be leveled to 15.

In case of the Conjurer, the Job is called White Mage, and you need a level 30 Conjurer with 15 levels in Arcanist. However, once you acquire the Job, you can only use shared skills from the Thaumaturge, Arcanist, and Conjurer class, meaning any off-class ability from other classes will not be usable.

Combat Role
The Combat Role of a White Mage remains pretty much the same as a Conjurer. You’ll be granted access to the infamous Holy, one of the most powerful offensive magic spells known in the Final Fantasy series.

Don’t be shy in using it even while your allies are doing good damage; just make sure you use it on the tougher enemies only. Apart from that, it’s pretty much the same as before, though you’ll be able to cast spells much more quickly. Yay!

Well, you get the all-powerful Holy attack – what else could you possibly want? If you’re still thankless, then I should remind you that you’ll unlock more powerful Heals and defensive skills.

The following are the skills unlocked as the White Mage, starting from level 30 and after every 5 levels from thereafter.

Presence of Mind
Increases spell speed.

Grants a healing over time effect to target.

Divine Seal
Increases cure magic potency by 30%.

Delivers a magic attack with a potency of 240 to all nearby enemies.

Restores all of a target’s HP.

Don’t forget to share your recommended skill rotations, traits, jobs and off-class abilities for Conjurer in FFXIV Online: ARR.

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