WWE 2K14 Goes Outdoorsy with Football Stadiums

So the wrestling fans are going outdoorsy! Not that the previous versions of WWE didn’t have any outdoor locations but it was said that even those arenas were developed to look like a closed indoor location. This has been confirmed to change now; 2K Games has announced that its locations have been remodeled and redesigned to incorporate outdoor football stadiums too!

Putting to rest some rumors regarding the upcoming installment of the wrestling game, the news was relayed through twitter by Cory Ledesma the creative director for WWE 2K14 who tweeted that:

“In #WWE2K14 we have 7 different arena types and sizes for #30YearsOfWrestleMania including new large indoor/outdoor football stadium sizes.”

One question that this left unanswered was whether the new locations would be available in other game areas, Cory was quick to address to that as well, and he tweets:

“To expand on my previous #WWE2K14 tweet, the WrestleMania arenas are unlockable and useable in other game areas similar to previous years.”

Before this the only actual outdoor event that the game hosted was Wrestlemania IX while all the other Wrestlemania events were animated in an indoor arena. I am expecting the game to give a more realistic atmosphere now that seven new locations have been added to the list specially the outdoor stadiums.

For those of you who have the game on their games-to-buy checklist, WWE 2K14 hits North America on 29 October and Europe on November 1.