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Road Not Taken: Another Indie Puzzle Game Coming to PS4 and PS Vita

Puzzles involving saving lives of children sounds good. Road Not Taken is going to be a Puzzle Game from the makers of Triple Town that has been announced today for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Windows and Mac platforms.

The game was announced at Sony’s PAX Prime Indie Arcade event by developer Spry Fox and the game is expected to be launched somewhere in 2014 – it was further added that the PC and Mac version will see a Steam based launch. The game was first revealed through a brief teaser back in May.

Road Not Taken has been described as a rogue-like puzzle that whether inspired by Robert Frost’s poem or not, does involve solving ever changing puzzles in ever changing forests while trying to rescue children. The game resembles Triple Town insofar that it features permanent death in case of a failed attempt.

Developer Spry Fox, a lesser known entity has been behind the development of other games too for instance Steambirds and Realm of the Mad God but it is only Triple Town that has caught the eye of the audience so far.

Whatever everything else may seem to be, one thing is certain; Sony actually means it when it talks about supportive mechanism for indie developers. Looking at how Spry Fox a small and rather new entrant has been welcomed on board along with dozens of others, we expect a long list to follow.

The developer has been talking about expected mobile versions of the game too, but it would be too early to confirm something like that right now. David Edery from Spry Fox was talking to Polygon when he said that the phone versions might get delayed due to the development time needed for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Nothing else has been confirmed apart from the platforms and the expected release date but we shall get back to you on that when we hear more.