All Future Fable Games to Get Online Functionality

Games with online capabilities have almost become a trend for some years. Sharing stats online and the ability to play with the rest of the world is something everyone looks forward to! Players invest millions of hours each month on games like Halo, Battlefield, FIFA, and Call of Duty. And it’s the sole reason why players stick to these games for years.

The point is; despite of wonders of online play, some games are just not meant to be played like that. Still, developers of those games think of this as a good idea to force this online functionality onto players regardless of the fact whether it is required or not!?

One of these franchises is Fable. The newly proclaimed Xbox One exclusive; Fable Legends is expected to support up to four players in an online play who will take on another player playing as a baddie.

While speaking to Digital Spy, Head of Lionhead Studios said that online capabilities are not only restricted to Fable Legends.

“Our vision is to connect players with fantastic games, so every game we do from here on out will have great connected online layers. We’re online game guys, that’s the studio. We love online games, we love interaction with real people, and we want to bring that magic to Fable.”

He further added that as of now, they are not sure to use Xbox One’s cloud features to do the matchmaking. He also referred to games like Journey and Dark Souls as an inspiration for taking these steps.

“It’s a combination of things; we’re inspired by games like Journey and Dark Souls, which have these really innovative online modes.”

Although Dark Souls and Journey didn’t have a direct approach to online play, we still have to see how Fable Legends will integrate these things.

The Xbox One exclusive; Fable Legends is slated for a beta in 2014.