Battlefield 4 – The Commander Mode is Coming Back

Veteran Battlefield players must be aware of the term “Commander Mode”. For those of you who don’t know; Commander Mode was first featured in Battlefield 2 and now it is making a comeback in Battlefield 4.

Commander Mode allows the commander to switch to a top-down perspective of the whole map; issuing commands and assisting teammates in a number of ways.

However, the best thing to happen to Commander Mode in Battlefield 4 is that players will not be able to switch between top-side and first-person perspective at will! The studio has affirmed that being Commander is a full-timer and will last until the very end of the match.

The things which will be at Commander’s disposal are divided into two categories; Squad Loop and Main Loop.

EMP and UAV systems have been added to the basic setup of the Commander. Along with Cruise Missile Warning which will warn the teammates of inbound Cruise Missile.

Commanders will also be able to mark high-value targets for their teammates allowing the squad to focus on one important target. How this will work is that the enemy’s position will be communicated to you for about 45 seconds and following these orders will grant you bonus points.

Main Loop
The Cruise Missile: These deal with high damage and blast radius and are launched from a fixed position on the map. And since these do high damage, it’s a Commander’s responsibility to warn his squad about it.

Map Scan: Commander would be able to scan both infantry and vehicular units on the map for his squad.

AC – 130: Like in the other games, AC-130 provides support to your squad with a number of weapon at its disposal.

Squad Loops
Squad Promotion: Like the name suggests, it promotes field upgrades of your infantry units.

Dropping Vehicles: You will get a vehicle in the battlefield from a parachute.

Rapid Deploy: Units will spawn more quickly for a limited amount of time.

Supply Drop: A supply drop will allow your units to get healed up, replenish ammo, and change kits while in the battlefield.

Battlefield 4 is slated to launch on 25 October, 2013.

Source: Battlefield Blog