Steam Greenlight’s Anniversary Gets 100 Games and an Indie Sale

Today, August 30 marks the first anniversary of Steam Greenlight, the platform that Valve introduced to incorporate users opinions into their choice of games and they are celebrating it in style! Steam has announced a hundred games to get greenlit coupled with a dedicated sale for the indie games, they are going big.

Greenlight lets users to vote on the games that they want to see available through the digital distribution system of Steam. The number of games given access to Steam due to Greenlight is evident enough to the importance of this great feature; a total of 260 games were added to the stockpile of Steam.

In order to celebrate a largely successful first year, Valve the Steam owners have started a sale devoted to independently developed games. If you have missed out on the other big ones, you better hurry for the Greenlight Sale for it will last only four days starting from today. The sale includes over 50 titles that include names like Surgeon Simulator 2013, Papers, Please, and Guncraft – the sale ends on 2 September.

To mark the importance of this day, Greenlight will issue a green signal to 100 more games that will be put up on steam in the next few weeks or months depending on the release date for those that are still in the development phase. To give you an idea of the kind of titles that you could expect to see on steam sometime soon have a look at Shadow of Eternals.

The official statement sent out by Gabe Newell tells that the active number of Steam users has bypassed 50 million. Gabe believes “Ultimately our goal is to have no bottlenecks at all between developers and consumers.” Now that is a big aim.

Would you like to get an approval for a game that you are counting on?