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Path Of Exile Developer Teaming Up With Razer

Yes it’s true, apparently gaming hardware giant Razer has just announced a partnership with Grinding Gear Games, the developers of the popular indie RPG game Path of Exile. The game is currently in open beta and has over 3 million registered players.

One of the fruits of the partnership that players will be able to visually appreciate are some new in-game footprints that are available for Razer fans to make use of. Basically when you walk around you’ll be leaving behind footprints in the shape of Razer’s iconic three headed snake logo.

The company has said that they would be releasing more exclusive partnership benefits in the approaching months. On the back end of things, Grinding Gear will be getting access to some really cool new toys to help them out as the game’s October release date comes closer. These include some software development kits for Razer’s latest stuff such as Razer Comms and Razer Surround.

At Razer we are really excited at the opportunity to work directly with game developers like Grinding Gear Games […] Partnerships such as this see game developers making use of both our hardware and software technology. This is the key to our goal of enhancing the game experience and performance while supporting the creative visionaries that are the lifeblood of our business.

Razer is also going to provide help to the developers by partnering on not only development but also marketing.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play, online PC RPG that sustains itself on micro transactions that do not affect the balance of the game. You can play as one of six classes as you explore the fictional world of Wraeclast, battle hundreds of different kinds of enemies and seek epic loot.