Ghost Games will be the New Developer for NFS Franchise

It seems like the NFS franchise just wouldn’t stop getting into troubled phases, and as if the people behind the desks wouldn’t stop exchanging the game’s developer back and forth too. According to ShackNews the Need for Speed franchise has changed hands yet again, this time it’s Ghost Games who will be developing the future versions.

Previously, the game was being developed by Criterion whose last game in the series was Most Wanted from 2012 but the troubled foray of ownership issues didn’t start with them. Ghost Games is the fourteenth name in the long list of developers who have been working on the game so far.

The executive producer at Ghost Games Mark Nillson believes that now the game will not go back to Criterion and back again to Ghost – we hope this one’s going to stay, he further added that they are thinking of it as if Ghost “owns” Need for Speed now.

“We’re going to build it, we’re going to build it on Frostbite 3, and people will see something they are familiar with every time we release the game. And I think that is the core basis of building a brand; that people know what to expect.” He said.

Need for Speed has seen a change of genres quite a few times thanks to the constantly changing developers and that is probably the reason why it’s now struggling to build credibility, Ghost Games seems to be all up for the task as they have stated that Rivals is going to be the first step towards it.

Taking Nillson’s words for granted we can tell that the elements we see in Need for Speed Rivals are going to stay in the game for the coming future.

Criterion has been heavily involved in the development of Rivals and it is still a question as to when will they leave it all in the hands of Ghost Games, rather when will it be possible to do so.

Rivals will come out to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in this November while the next-gen version’s release date has not been confirmed yet.