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Darkout Greenlit on Steam, Latest Patch Includes New Features

Allgraf, developer of sci-fi action game Darkout has announced that their indie title has been successfully Greenlit on Steam.

Darkout features a sandbox environment where players must work during the day to survive alien creatures which come out only at night. To defend against this menace players must build shelters, craft weapons, research upgrades for both and in all just fortify their positions before the sun goes down.

The game being Greenlit comes at the same time as the release of a new update to the game, which players who purchased the beta on Desura can download. To Steam users, this new patch will be made available soon.

According to Allgraf, the new patch works well in fixing an abundance of game bugs, bringing graphical improvements and new features, including a PDM menu, an overhauled death system and new inventory items.

“Darkout’s mix of survival, RPG elements and strategy into a sandbox game set in a universe with breathtaking environments, compelling story and rich history is sure to excite newcomers to the genre and veterans equally,” said Adrian Banninga, CEO and Game Director of Allgraf, “Darkout allows players to develop personalised strategies to survive in a hostile environment. The latest patch for the universe includes new features, additions and tweaks in our steps toward commercial release”.

Darkout is available now only for PC. The game also offers character customization and a mission-based system that generates each level randomly.

For a complete list of changes the new patch brings, you can browse through:

  • Various art tweaks
  • Power regulator replaces battery as equipable item in item slot
  • Emergency light boost
  • Fixed Flare gun
  • Add extra messages for when items gets recycled
  • Relic Blueprint drop rates adjusted.
  • Large containers.
  • New death penalties
  • Sled paths load correctly when game loads.
  • Can have longer sled paths.
  • Barrels are now Liquid containers
  • Crafting also uses fluids from containers
  • Fix to World Create Missing Button Description
  • Equip ranged weapon on select
  • Fix open of escape pod inventory.
  • Fixed grenade damage
  • Fix Item Icon disappearance when HUD windows change
  • Enemy randomly drop Relics
  • Sled inventory size updated
  • Sled speeds updated
  • Fix blueprint drop rate
  • Fix to Duplicate Inventory item exploit when splitting stack and then moving the Item from its original slot
  • Fix message display on INFO display when no prerequisite is required
  • Increase spawn start time for enemies when Game start
  • Add new Categories in menu in preparation for new split for added categories
  • Prevent deletion of Combinator and Recall Device
  • Add Toggle for Vertical Sync
  • Fix problem in INFO menu display for Add-on
  • Prevent adding more than one remote to a device
  • Add research for research only category
  • Updated UI Splash Screen
  • Changed Modulator Icon
  • Resized some Light Image Plates
  • Cleaned up sector rendering code.
  • Added a small fix to help prevent one of the crash on shutdown bugs
  • Fix problem with mining objects getting stuck.
  • Add Item display for the first item in the research display
  • Tons of code clean-up
  • Fixed it so light will no longer bleed through a wall when standing next to it holding a light source.
  • Added signal cable and remote spots to lights
  • Increased number of tables in Journal (this will help with containers losing items bug)
  • Fixed motor/button functioning
  • Added support for alternate cables. (can now have 2 cables of same type on single tile
  • Changed it so you can’t place socket cables through platforms.
  • Fixed signal system so it can’t turn on lights without power.
  • Allow combinator to be used in signal system.
  • Balanced Light radius sizes based on tier level
  • Fixed the problem with mining highlights and floating numbers being obscured in darkness.
  • new flashlight ranges based on Item tier level
  • replaced Wood wall textures
  • Bumped emissive value so resources are visible at night.
  • Add color aura to jellies
  • Give Recall Device to old players
  • Light Damage for flare and glow sticks.
  • Fix enemies not taking damage from thrown light weapons
  • Made City front wall overlays be affected by player transparency.
  • Addition of 60 more story log entries
  • Some devices emit small amount of light
  • New Tech Lantern with various light colours
  • Ammo Colours for all glowing bullets and Glowing Arrows
  • Updated Bloater, Wolf, Mutt and Parasite animation plates with new colors and Higher Definition
  • Enemy Spawn tweaks
  • Tweaked events placing and fixed wrong placement bug
  • New Manuals pages
  • Added light to event crates and chests to make them more vissible