Actors for Assassin’s Creed IV Revealed in Latest Video

Want to get a closer look at some of the “backstage” development of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag? Well, look no further than this video, because it shows you just who is behind some of the key figures in the game.

These actors are going to be an integral part of the new game in the series, whether you know it or not. They will give depth to the names you read about, emotion to the voices you hear, maybe they’ll even be able to put a bit of their own spin into those characters.

In this interview released by Sony, you’ll get a closer look at the actors behind major players like Edward Kenway, Blackbeard, and Charles Vane. Matt Ryan will be playing the eponymous Assassin of this title, Edward Kenway.

You should already be familiar with Mark Bonnar’s portrayal of Blackbeard if you’ve watched the reveal trailer. Finally Ralph Ineson will be playing Charles Vane.

This interview reveals a few story details as well as some extra details about each of the characters that you might not know. We also get to hear some of the actor’s insights about the storyline that we’ll get to play through when Assassin’s Creed IV finally launches.