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Saints Row 4 Takes the World by Frenzy; One Million Sold!

Titling Saints Row 4 as a smashing commercial success, Deep Silver have announced through a press release that the insanely powered up action adventure has topped one million sales units in the first week since its release!

Yes, the Saints are loco, but they are being loved for being just that. The figures reported by the Publishers include retail as well as digital sales accounted for in the first week of the release –the game came out in the market on August 20 in the North American region.

The humongous sales figures have allowed the game to reach the top of UK All Formats Chart for the week beating big guns with the likes of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Disney Infinity and The Bureau. Overall, the launch is being accredited as the fourth largest release of this year only falling short of Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us.

Looking at how the game has excelled tells a lot about it, but the franchise has seen better in the past – in some capacity at least; even these figures are less than those achieved by Saints Row: The Third. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Saints Row: The Third was more popular because the PC sales of Saints Row 4, if looked at separately, have tripled as compared to its predecessor.

Klemens Kundratitz the CEO of Koch Media, Deep Silver’s parent company expressed his glee saying “We are incredibly happy for the reception of Saints Row IV as a critical and now a commercial success.” Kundratitz was also thankful to Volition the development house for being “a driving creative force.”

Other than that, the user involvement in the game has also been impressive, with more than 806,908 pieces of user generated custom content and the whopping 1.3 million community members; it looks like they have actually gone from the Crack House to the White House!