The Last of Us: Latest Patch Adds New Multiplayer Mode, ‘Interrogation’

Naughty Dog has detailed a new multiplayer mode that they are introducing in the latest patch for The Last of Us. It’s called “Interrogation” and it’s all about breaking your opponents to reveal sensitive information.

Your ultimate goal is steal supplies from a safe that is being hidden by the opposing team. However, first you’ll need to find where they are hiding the box in the first place. For this purpose each team is tasked with successfully interrogating members of the other team five times. Simply shiv an enemy or get him/her into a downed state and then press ‘Triangle’ on your controller to start pumping out information.

While a player is conducting an interrogation, enemy players might and will try to interrupt the proceedings. As it is, it’s the job of the other party members to defend the location until the interrogation has been completed.

Once you’ve gone through all five members, the box’s location will be revealed to you.

The Last of Us is critically acclaimed for its storytelling. However, most of the times its multiplayer component is looked past. Naughty Dog is looking to correct that and is furiously working on making the multiplayer even more better. Currently the online component of the game has a small regular community and with Patch 1.03 it might just grow larger.

The Interrogation mode is not part of any paid DLC and will be packed for free with the new patch. In addition the patch will also include various tweaks, balances, and fixes for the multiplayer.

The Last of Us is currently available exclusively for the PlayStation 3.