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Crytek’s Warface is Coming to Xbox 360 in 2014

War based games and first person shooters just keep rolling in despite the fact that some of us think we have had quite a few of them already. It has now been announced that Warface, the PC exclusive free-to-play first person shooter will be getting an Xbox 360 version in 2014.

As a first of its kind venture for developer Crytek, it has been announced that the Xbox 360 version will be a Free to Play with Gold game that will provide unlimited gameplay for the Xbox Live Gold Members.

There will be four different soldier classes to choose from namely Rifleman, Sniper, Medic and Engineer. Just as the name suggests the roles would vary based on which class you choose.

Whether you choose to fight against your friends in a Versus Mode where the game combines its new and classic modes to claim superiority over the others or you choose the strategic Co-op Mode where you tag teams with your friends to defeat the greater evil; each version of the game has something to offer on its own.

Apparently Crytek is leaning towards the free-to-play model with a lot more loyalty than the market average which is a good thing. The fact that free-to-play games are still locked behind a gold membership hurts the idea behind the game’s monetary model; but then again this is a trend that will get refined in the future as Crytek has motioned towards a better support towards the f2p model in the next five years.

If you wish to check out what the game has to offer, you can sign up for the closed beta version of the game here. The PC version of the game releases in the North America and Europe later this year.