Boost Your Rep in GTA Online through Crew Hierarchies

So, what’s your idea of trudging up that rep ladder when you’re playing Grand Theft Auto? Usually something that involves a lot of street stomping and stampeding through the alley ways, blasting through end to end, right? GTA 5’s Crew Hierarchies tell otherwise!

Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online will be getting the Hierarchies system that you might have come across recently on the Rockstar Games Social Club. To sum up the credentials, you get to earn XP, Persist Rivalries and Accomplishments and of course rank up in the crew hierarchy itself.

The feature is currently available to Crew Leaders – the figureheads who can assign ranks and delegate the responsibilities relating to management of the crew. The leader is also responsible of
rewarding loyalty and performance which would usually turn out in the form of a rank promotion.

Under the crew leader are four different ranks for which the selection of members is at the leader’s jurisdiction. The most important rank after the leader is that of a Commissioner who is the typical right hand man of the leader with virtually all the powers of the leader himself while acting in the Vice Presidential capacity.

The second most important post is a Lieutenant who, being a chosen member has usually risen up to that rank where he keeps the crew in check when he isn’t handing out promotions and demotions to his subordinates – a person all the muscles should be on the good side of.

The direct subordinates to Lieutenants are Representatives, guys who are the middlemen between the lowest grade members and the higher ups. Representatives are those who have proven their worth by action or by loyalty which brings them at a promoted place where their major power is to aid recruitment.

The low liners but usually the heart and soul of all the action are Muscles; the guys with virtually no administrative power but who literally are the sweat and muscle behind most of the tasks to be accomplished. This tier will usually be comprised of players who are content with creating a fearsome vibe of their group or ambitious newbie players who want to excel to the rank of a leader.

The list of crew members looks interesting – sort of a cohesive and bonded organizational structure! There is more to the crew hierarchy though, the Social Club now houses Crew Colors which can be chosen in crew management; the colors will have significant value in other areas of the game too.

Overall, it’s a descent concept to promote competitive environment in a fun game like GTA 5.