Leaked Survey Suggests Microsoft Could Allow Users to Resell Digital Games

If a leaked survey is to be believed then Microsoft is considering introducing a new virtual marketplace where users can resell their Xbox One digital purchases.

For the following questions please assume that Microsoft Xbox One will offer a digital marketplace where you can purchase and sell digital video games.

  • New digital marketplace where you can purchase and sell digital video games:
  • This will be available through the systems’ premium subscription service (such as Xbox Live Gold/Playstation Plus)
  • You will have the ability to purchase and sell pre-owned digital video games.
  • You will have the ability to sell back/trade in your versions of digital games you have purchased.
  • You will have the ability to buy pre-owned digital versions of games through the online marketplace.
  • You will have a variety of prices and features available to purchase for pre-owned digital versions of games.
  • All transactions will take place via digital downloads/transfers within your next generation gaming system’s digital store.
  • New full game digital downloads will still be available, as will physical (disc) versions sold at retail stores/websites.
  • Pre-owned disc versions of games will be able to be played on the next generation gaming system for free.
  • There will be a marketplace service fee charged to the seller when they sell a digital version of a game.

Of course, there is no real confirmation on the above survey except that it’s posted on the NeoGAF forums by a user who calls himself “crazy buttocks on a train”.

In his post he further clarifies that nothing is set in stone and these are just some directions which Microsoft could take in the future for the Xbox One.

Reselling digital titles is a model that has yet to be talked about in the industry. Currently the industry seems content with just introducing the ability to share games. Microsoft talked about that feature during their Xbox One reveal.

Additionally, earlier this summer there were rumors that Steam may also bring about the same feature.

Could we see a second-hand digital market on the Xbox Live Market by next year? If it does happen then props to Microsoft for setting a possible trend. The Xbox One will release in November this year for $499.

A tentative date of November 8 was recently speculated but Microsoft was quick to denounce the rumor.