Nintendo Announce New Cheaper, Flat 2DS Model of 3DS XL

Well, Nintendo have managed to keep this one under wraps quite well.

They’ve announced a brand-new 3DS model today to add to the existing family of handheld consoles that they already own, and it’s definitely a bit of a strange one considering it’s a new version of the 3DS XL.

The new 2DS features the screen size of the 3DS XL, but none of the 3D functions that set the hand-held console aside from other portable units. Oh, and it’s flat, unlike just about every hand-held console that Nintendo had released in the past seven years.

The best thing about it is that it’s cheaper as well, at just $129. Don’t worry, it still plays all your favorite 3DS and DS games. It just doesn’t do the 3D stuff, and doesn’t fold up into a more convenient size.

Being so used to Nintendo’s console designs over the past few years, it definitely looks a little bit weird compared to its 3DS brethren. I’ve already seen a lot of people describing it as being a Wii U GamePad meets a 3DS XL combined with some Fisher Price toy.

I think that this is a console that Nintendo are going to be marketing at the younger audiences they’ve accrued in recent years. Just think about it for a few seconds; the lack of hinges mean that it isn’t so easily snapped by someone sitting on it accidentally.

The slightly bulkier design also attributes to the console being sturdy. Something as large as this is a lot harder to get stolen if your child takes their console to school or the playground. With it being cheaper as well, there’s a lot less worry about wasting money on something that you might think is likely to get broken in a kids hands.

Overall, I think this is a very smart move by Nintendo.