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Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition Confirmed for October!

Halo has been making waves for more than a decade now; the multi-billion dollar franchise has announced the latest version of the game, Halo: Spartan Assault but that is not the only thing that is bringing Halo to the news.

The Game of the Year Edition for Halo 4 that was leaked by an IGN source a few days ago has now been confirmed by Microsoft. The pack hits the market in October!

IGN had reported, with authority of one of their sources to have received a leaked image that stated the release date of Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition to be October as well as $49.99 to be the price. The image also shared that the edition would include Spartan Ops Season 1, War Games Map Pass, Halo 4 Champions Bundle and content worth of $80! It also mentioned Preorder and LCE exclusive content.

After the image being leaked, Microsoft’s spokespersons have come up with an official statement in this regard:

“A Game of the Year Edition of Halo 4 will be offered this October, offering tremendous value for fans who want to enjoy one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2012, and additional DLC all in one place.”

This is not it, they went on to hint towards more details being exposed soon by stating that they will have more details to share during the live stream of the Halo Global Championship Finals this Sunday.

Now for a game that managed $220 million in revenue in the first 24 hours on sale, an exclusive edition this big could definitely be worth a shot.