Rumor: Xbox One Coming Out on November 8

As if Microsoft was eyeing for the day when Sony confirms its release date for PlayStation 4. There is a possibility that the Xbox One might just have been placed for release precisely one week before its rival i.e. November 8!

While Sony’s PlayStation 4 is confirmed for a November 15 release, nothing has been officially relayed by Microsoft so far, but that doesn’t stop the sources to disclose anything that they might think would help us decipher the still unclear decision. Kotaku, speaking on the authority of their source who “works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart” has reported to have received a leaked email of a company conference call listing all the midnight openings in planning.

Among some of the anticipated holiday games and the release date of PS4, the list has an entry that slates the Xbox One release on midnight of Friday, November 8, 2013.

Yet there is one small thing that should not be ignored, all the other 8 entries have a “confirmed” tag on them and the  one regarding Xbox One is the only one that is missing out on it. This could mean either that the decision has been made only recently so the final confirmation might still be on its way. It could also be just a speculation.

It is obviously a strategic decision and of course the placement of the release date will matter a lot marketing-wise at least in the initial days. If Microsoft have actually decided to go with the November 8 release date, it could give them a week’s worth of competition free sales time – not to forget the impact of an early release date on the impatient buyers that could be large in number.

Whatever the release date may be, I think it will all trickle down to two things; the better performer and the better manager. A week earlier or a week ahead could give a leap ahead of the other but eventually it won’t matter which console came first.