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Obliteration and Diffuse: Two New Multiplayer Modes for Battlefield 4

Five expansion packs and seven different multiplayer modes; this fall’s Battlefield 4 is going to make you want to postpone some of your appointments for sure. According to a post by Cinemablend DICE has confirmed some of its multiplayer modes to come on the release day while introducing us to two brand new play modes; Obliteration and Diffuse.

Obliteration, just like the name implies, asks you to obliterate your enemy from the match up. It’s a modified version of the Conquest with a strategic element from Rush. You don’t get to choose to be the attacker or the defender rather a bomb is spawn somewhere on the map which you race against your enemies to grab. Once you get hold of the bomb you have to place it and successfully diffuse it at the enemy camp. Three enemy bases will have to be obliterated before you win each with the help of a bomb. According to the Battlefield Blog:

“It’s a game mode all about staying on the offensive and all about being a mobile team player.”

Let’s have a look at the other modes and what we know about them so far. The game will be accompanied by Conquest and Rush. A prototypical Battlefield gameplay based mode, Conquest houses huge maps, multiple control points and two teams facing off each other in a race to controlling territories. Now when you hold a larger number of territories, you get to hold on to your respawn tickets for a longer time and vice versa for losing territories. You smother your opponent’s respawn and you win.

Rush on the other hand is more strategic game mode where you launch an offensive against your opponent while the other defends. If you have taken up the offensive role, your victory depends on planting and setting off bombs at two given points that would, if done successfully, blow up your enemy barracks to shreds. One you do that, new objective will get unlocked and you follow. The defender’s chance at winning will be based on ending their respawn tickets before they succeed in their targets.

Domination again is a loosely based on the concept of Conquest except that the maps will be smaller and the action would be a rather fast paced. You know how to do the dance with those guns and you will surely manage to capture more of enemy territories.

The first two modes shared by DICE; Team Deathmatch and Squad DeathMatch are largely similar in nature to each other in which players are split up in groups who fight each other till the last man standing. There is no objective but to kill the opponents before they do the same to you. Team DeathMatch splits the players in two teams while Squad DeathMatch raises the number to four.

So now, who is up for the match?