Disney Infinity – How To Level Up Fast

In Disney Infinity you can level up a character to a maximum of 15, and each time you level a character you obtain a spin, making it the most efficient way to gain those. There are dozens of characters in the game and unfortunately, grinding experience takes AGES in the game.

This is why we’ve written up this guide which details an easy method for leveling up a character to maximum in barely any time at all. The best thing about it? You don’t even have to be there for it. For more help on Disney Infinity, read our Toy Box World Creator, Power Discs and Playset Challenges Guide.

First thing you need to do is to unlock the Fan and the Stunt Buggy in the Infinity Vault. After that, load up the empty Toy Box and place the Fan in the middle of it. Then put the Stunt Buggy anywhere and enter it.

Now what you need to do is to carefully drive the buggy onto the fan and let it lift you off the ground. If you’re going too fast you’ll simply zoom off the other end. Take it slow, and if you do it right you’ll end up floating in midair.

While you’re in midair, you can perform some tricks by pressing the stick in any direction. Do some tricks, then lay the controller upside down so that the stick is pushed in one direction. Either that or use some sort of weight to do the same.

Whatever you do, if you do it right your character will start doing a trick over and over again. Now you need to wait for an hour.

After the character on the screen has done enough tricks to make Tony Hawk shake his head, you can set him down. Be careful as you go about this, as if you fumble it and crash, you don’t get any points for your hour long ‘efforts’.

Some useful things to note. We use the Stunt Buggy as it has nice big tires that let it get onto the fan without needing to build up too much speed. Also, try doing all four tricks before you set up your controller to auto-trick, and just before you’re ready to come down, do another four tricks before descending.

Finally, remember that Cars characters such as Lightning McQueen and Francesco are already vehicles, and therefore cannot use the Stunt Buggy. This may cause problems as they don’t necessarily have very well sized tires and may require a lot of effort to get onto the fan.

Try putting a wall on the other side of the fan that will stop you from flying off as you try to get onto it.