Aperture Science DS, A Fan Made Portal Game

Smealum and Lobo are two forum users at GBATemp who have been working hard on a project of their own. Aperture Science is an original Portal based agme for the DS.

Smealum posted a thread on the GBATemp some time ago detailing the game’s features most important of which could be the protagonist; Doug Rattmann the schizophrenic aperture science employee that every Portal player knows by face.

Seamlum and Lobo have been working on the programming side of the project for a few months now while Lobo has been handling the graphics.

According to the post on the forum, the game’s readily available features include working portals that can be played through, placed where you want and looked through. The developers boast of a completely revamped gameplay mechanic.

Some working puzzle elements have also been added to the game for example buttons, dispensers, turrets, energy ball things, doors, emancipation grids where as an on board level editor will let you make new puzzle to enhance the gameplay for yourself.

This level editor is supposed to be in similarity with the perpetual testing idea of Portal 2.

The last update tells us that the game is now available and a playable build is available on the developer’s website right now. Could a homebrewed game that is bringing this version of Portal to the portable version of Nintendo be work a shot for you?

Source: Gameinformer