8 Year Old GTA 4 Player Shoots His Grand Mother

Could anything be worse than an 8 year old child shooting his grandmother in the head, umm… maybe the fact that the murder is being related, logically or illogically, to the child’s love towards playing a video game?

Well, it is Grand Theft Auto 4 that is being highlighted as a possible influence behind the murder of a 90 year old woman by her 8 year old grandson. As pitiful as it might sound, Sky News has reported an account of the incident making clear suggestions that “the child had intentionally killed the old woman minutes after playing Grand Theft Auto 4.”

The murder took place in the town of Slaughter, Louisiana – so much for dark humor and clearly, it might give raise to voices that already speak of crimes that are committed in association with video game violence.

The open world action adventure might and might not have been the reason behind the murder as the kid states that he accidentally shot his grandmother while he was playing with the gun. Police and Psychologists differ with him on that while sticking to the story provided by Sky News.

Cinemablend has posted on the matter stating that the claim by the psychologists is nearly ridiculous because this would mean that “chopping down trees with an axe in real-life after watching the Friday the 13th movies prepares you to become a serial killing murderer”. I think the story is not that simple, we cannot ignore the fact that the matter in question is the mind of an 8 year old boy and the influence such a mind could have had from a violent game.

The kid will not be charged with the murder because he is still under the lawful age of 10 and he has returned to his parents now.

Nevertheless, this one of a kind incident could lead to some degree of criticism for the game and maybe something more than that.