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Shadow Of The Eternals Drops Short of Funding Goal

Shadow of the Eternals has failed to reach it’s Kickstarter funding goal for a second time. Disastrous as the news is, I can’t help but drop the blame on the developers themselves for pushing away backers because of the sudden closure of their first campaign.

Shadow of the Eternals was introduced earlier this year as a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. The game’s initial Kickstarter campaign started off on a pretty average note with backers pointing out two main problems in the mix.

First of all the development team at Precursor Games comes directly from Silicon Knights, who have little to show for their recent products and also are currently knee deep in financial problems. There were even rumors about the former Silicon Knights employes to be hosting the Kickstarter campaign just to pay off their old debts. Additionally backers were pretty angry when they found out Precursor Games to be hosting a second crowd-funding campaign running in parallel to the Kickstarter campaign.

Eventually Precursor pulled the plug on both of its campaign stating that there was “noise” surrounding the project. Denis Dyack from the firm also admitted that their campaign could have gone better and that they’ll be back stronger than ever with something better.

The campaign was launched again last month and asked for $750,000 in funds. However, it failed to acquire the set amount, ending with $323,950. It remains to be known as to whether this means the end of the title. Precursor may tackle the game again in the near future but for now the game seems pretty much dead.

Shadow of the Eternals was planned for PS4, PC and Wii U. Wii U, PS4 and PC on Steam.