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Total War: Rome 2 Post-Release Content Plans

In this age of online gaming, it’s so much easier for developers to get content to the players in the form of DLC, paid or not. Creative Assembly have taken full advantage of this situation with their recent releases in order to get more and more content to the player with expansions, DLC, and free bits and bobs.

The next game from them, Total War: Rome 2, is highly anticipated by strategy gamers everywhere, and rightly so. But what is going to come after the game has hit the market?

James Russel, the lead designer on the new Total War game recently revealed Creative Assembly’s plans to continue supporting their game, as well as singing some praise for their last major release: Total War: Shogun 2 and the community that sprung up around it.

“As with Shogun 2, we will continually improve the game’s compatibility, optimization and integral features such as AI and gameplay balancing post-release, and plan to add to that with new control schemes and additional free formats on other operating systems,”

“We are also very proud of how Shogun 2 is our most moddable Total War to date with over 500 user-made mods on Steam Workshop alone. We hope to support ROME 2 in a similar fashion. Rome 2 will be the biggest game we’ve ever released, in terms of scope, gameplay features and sheer weight of content, but even then we’re just scratching the surface of the Roman period – an era so rich in diversity that it’s easy to foresee releasing relevant content for years after ROME 2has shipped.”

You can expect to see both paid and free content being released, much like the content that was released for Shogun 2. I’d expect at least one or two expansions on top of other packs, such as new skins and units. If the expansions are anything like previous titles, expect all new campaigns and complete remodels of the game itself as progress continues.

Source: VG247