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Splinter Cell Blacklist 4th Echelon Missions Walkthrough Guide

The 4th Echelon missions, or commonly referred to as simply the 4E missions, are a set of special operations that Sam Fisher can choose to take in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. These missions are initiated by talking to various NPCs aboard the Paladin.

The unique thing about the 4E missions is that all of them can be played with a friend in co-op mode, while 12 of the 16 missions can be played solo. The sixteen missions can be selected on the SMI Map once you have talked to the personnel associated with them.

Four specific people on the Paladin will give you four missions each.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist 4th Echelon Missions

4E missions can be played co-op in either split-screen mode, played with a friend online/lan, or with a random person. Like the campaign missions, you will be able to customize and choose your gadgets before each mission starts. All items that have been purchased will also be available for the missions.

Most of the missions, except Briggs’s missions, are very small, and often repeated. Briggs’s missions are actually sequential and individually lengthy, and involve a separate mini-story.

Let’s have a brief look at the missions, categorized according to the NPC that offers them.

Briggs Missions (Co-op Only)

Briggs missions are co-op only, and cannot be played solo. These missions are much larger than the rest of the 4E missions. If you have a friend who will play with you, I highly recommend having a go at these missions.

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Charlie 4th Echelon Missions

Charlie Missions are very similar to horde-modes in other games. You have to infiltrate an embassy to retrieve valuable intel. The Engineers there will try to stop you from getting out, sending hordes of enemies at you. You will have to knock out or kill all hostiles of a wave to move forward.

In order to complete a mission, you will need to get past at least 5 waves. After that, a vehicle will be available for exfiltration. However, you can choose to stay behind and survive more waves, all the way up to 20. This will give you a much larger extraction bonus.

Completing a wave without dying will give you additional bonus points. After every fifth wave, one or more High Value Targets will appear, which must be captured in a non-lethal manner before time runs out.

These missions are available for both co-op and solo play.

Grim 4th Echelon Missions

Grim’s 4E missions are espionage quests that will have you collecting intel, planting wire taps, and having yourself extracted without getting detected. In order to get the most out of these missions, you will have to avoid hostiles instead of killing/incapacitating them. You will earn additional Ghost points for every untouched enemy, and will also get an Objective bonus.

Grim missions are available for both co-op and solo play.

Kobin 4th Echelon Missions

Kobin missions are active missions in which you must kill or knock out all hostiles in a specific area, while also collecting Dead Drops, Blacklist Laptops, and capturing High Value Targets. If you are detected during the mission, the hostiles will call-in additional reinforcements. Completing a mission without having reinforcements being called will give you bonus points.

Kobin missions are also available for both co-op and solo play.