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PS Vita Version of Fifa 14 Will Just be Fifa 13

Do you remember being disappointed when FIFA 13 first launched on the PlayStation Vita? It was the series first major game on Sony’s handheld console, and it turned out that the game engine was just a port of the FIFA Football, a launch title for the Vita that was underwhelming at best.

Well, it looks like they may have pulled that stunt again, as it was revealed that FIFA 14 is just going to be a port of FIFA 13. David Rutter stated in an interview with Eurogamer that the upcoming title will feature the same gameplay of FIFA 13.

To be specific, this is what Rutter had to say specifically about the Vita version of FIFA 14:

There will be a Vita version, and it’ll be the same great gameplay. It’s the same great gameplay and new kits.

Considering that the series debut on the handheld console was FIFA Football, and now every major game is using that same engine with different skins, it’s no surprise that there are people who aren’t all that happy with this decision.

This is the third game that doesn’t feature much new content other than different skins, and will most likely retail at $59.99/£39.99. I know I wouldn’t be happy if someone was asking me to pay that much for the same content over and over again.

It might be because EA doesn’t have as much stock in the portable console as they do with home platforms. FIFA 13 only sold about 250,000 units, which is impressive, but it might not be worth EA’s time.

When you’re such a big company, you need a lot more incentive to start throwing money at something.