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Microsoft Announce Upload Outreach Program

As time marches forward and technology progresses, the way we view and enjoy our entertainment evolves with it.

The prominence of YouTube gamers delivering Let’s Plays, and services like Twitch that allow you to broadcast every moment of your gaming to thousands of people whenever you want, the entire market has changed substantially. Why release a demo when you know someone will upload a video playthrough which will give people a better idea of the game?

Some companies have embraced the online community of game broadcasting, others have shunned it. Microsoft seem to be part of the former party though, because the announcement of their new Upload Outreach program. This program is more of a competition for game broadcasters to enter, and twenty of the people who enter will be treated to a free Xbox One console bundle, each worth somewhere in the region of $2000.

If you want to enter, you need to make a one minute video all about an Xbox 360 game you love, or an Xbox One title you’re looking forward to, and then send the video to Microsoft via the official site.

The competition ends in just a few weeks, with September 15 being the final cut-off date, so you might want to start working on those entries now if you’re an aspiring ¬†broadcaster.

Source: Eurogamer