The Division: Companion Gaming App and Its Working

The collaborative gameplay showcased at Gamescom by Ubisoft is way more impressive than what the word “simultaneous” explains. A two minute long trailer clarified that regarding The Division’s companion gaming experience.

You get to aid your friends or be aided by them while in the middle of the action using the companion gaming app that either one of you would be using through a tablet. Air strikes can help the player in ways more than one. Needless to say, when all this is happening, nobody misses out on a bit of the action; everything is shown on both the screens via clear visual cues.

While in the middle of the action it might get tough for you to decipher where the enemies are hidden, or to figure out a way to break their armor without going out uncovered. That is where the exclusive playable character on your friend’s tablet comes in. Call them in to use an armor debuff or an area-of-effect debuff to do the trick.

Other than that, the revolutionary companion gameplay will let your friends point out the areas where your foes are hidden. This happens because while using the game on a tablet, the player gets an over the top view where they can highlight the areas for you with a tap of a finger – better visibility, more vulnerability for the enemy.

The best part is, and will be for all times to come, a well maneuvered missile strike from that drone friend of yours, one shot and the area gets cleared –but wait there’s more. The actual best part is all that the tablet user will need to come for help is an internet connection, period. Your team can now join you at any time, from anywhere!

In order to do all that, you will of course need to build your resources; some special features might need a lot of them – for instance the missile strikes.

Does anyone else feel like fall 2014 is too long a wait or is it just me?

Source: UbiBlog