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Ryse: Son of Rome Includes Micro-Transactions in Multiplayer

Crytek has revealed that the multiplayer portion of Ryse: Son of Rome will feature micro-transactions.

The in-game store will be selling various digital goodies that enhance your multiplayer characters, including armor upgrades and other booster packs. The currency to unlock these items will be generated in-game but if you don’t like waiting, then you can always pay for it with real-world money.

Similar to what we had with FIFA: Ultimate Team and Mass Effect’s multiplayer, Ryse: Son of Rome will feature different tiers of packs as well, categorized between Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these will net you a random set of loot, with Bronze having the least change at rare items and Gold with the highest.

“When we talk about the progression system for multiplayer, it’s armour-based,” said the producer.

“The way that you get armour is very similar to how you get it in like Mass Effect or FIFA. You only earn gold while playing multiplayer [and] you use that gold to buy booster packs. Those booster packs contain random sets of loot. Based on the different tiers of loot that you get – whether you buy Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs – guarantees whether you get rare or common items.

“One of the things that we did a little different is that you can buy them with in-game currency and real world currency. The difference is that if you’re close we also have small microtransactions.

“Say for instance a gold pack costs 15,000 gold, [and] you’ve only got 12,500 you can actually buy the difference and only spend a little bit to make it go to a Gold Pack. So we offer some variety there.”

Items purchased from the store will help improve your character’s look, armor and fighting capabilities.

Ryse: Son of Rome is an exclusive title for Xbox One and will be available alongside the console when it launches later this year.

Source VideoGamer