NBA Live 14 Introduces Rising Star; Career Mode

The high end basketball game’s latest edition NBA Live 14 will now receive a whole new career mode. EA sports have announced that the newly introduced mode titled Rising Star will focus on player development.

Exclusive to Xbox One and PS4 consoles, NBA Live 14 has already made its mark among the sporting genre for its savvy BounceTek technology and Roster Updates.

Now apart from having a career mode for the whole team that is typical of the NBA games, you now get to create and manage a single player career. You start from scratch, taking a player off the bench into the game and based on your performance, the player improves it ranking.

It is a chance to write your own history and a chance where virtually all outcomes are possible for a player. Starting from day 1 you get to manage 25 years in the career of the player you build. The journey that starts from a role player might end up with you being an NBA Superstar.

Yet, there is a twist in the tale. In order to begin the career of your player you will first be tested for your potential at the Draft Showcase. Undertaken at an Under Armour sponsored courtyard, your initial skills will be trialed to decide what stage you get started from.

This is the first trick of the trade, the better you perform in the Draft Showcase, the higher you get drafted and hence you get better chances to excel earlier.

Thereon, the player development depends on Rising Star points that you earn throughout the career based on how you perform in the matches – you will be using the points to add skills of your preference to the player profile.

NBA Live 14 has been announced among the list of launch titles for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.