London City in The Order: 1886

So how do you imagine the city of London in the 19th century’s post industrial revolution era? Of course you don’t expect luminescent signposts, electric lamps or above the ground subway system; but that just what you’ll get in The Order: 1886.

In the third person action adventure set in an alternative universe like The Order, anything is possible but Sony Computer Entertainment wants to make sure it is still relatable to the real London of the 19th century.

That is precisely why we will still have black powder guns and a rather rusty looking city.
PlayStationBlog talks about how an alternative history has been created that rings of a world that is not how we expect it to be.

The in-game Industrial Revolution, as opposed to the real life one, has given humankind a chance to advance at a faster rate. You get electricity running though out the city; there are no gas lamps anymore because you now have electric lights, shops and other commercial areas get lit signboards too.

Coming towards the gameplay, the revolution has made way to advanced weaponry too. A fire omitting thermite gun lets you set ablaze things; you fire thermite from the gun and then light it up with a flame or a flare shot. Then there is an electricity firing rifle too – sweet.

Did we forget to mention how you converse? Well, you will get communicators that will let you liaison with the rest of your teammates, modern day style – but with a touch of the old times for it still is the 19th century.

Since we are talking about how the city of London looks we better not forget the skyline… The Big Ben, St. Pauls and Tower Bridge all exist in The Order’s London but they are accompanied by watch towers that ensue the eminent danger that evidences the world is not the same.

The game is of course based on a war against inhuman beings, so let’s not forget airships. You will see a multifold of mooring towers that will serve as landing spaces for the dirigibles. Talking of, you also get Sentinels that keep patrolling the city all the time, their squadrons maintain a considerable coverage over the whole city.

The game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2014.