Dragon Age Inquisition Gets New Trailer at Gamescom

Mountain tops, lush green valleys and the huge expanse of Thedas’ world empower your imagination in “the world unveiled” trailer that was shown at EA’s Gamescom conference.

Dragon Age Inquisition has finally unlocked whole of the continent to players and given them authority over troops in it.

For the first time in the franchise, you get to be the “inquisitor” where you are in charge of the inquest against the villain who has allowed demons to rampage around the territory after lifting the veil that kept them at bay in the previous versions of the game.

The luxuriant story telling skills of BioWare seems to be in full flow as seen from the trailer, the staff talks us through the video while talking about “freedom for the player,” “taking control,” “better interaction” and a “vast world.”

From the very beginning, it is a world on the edge

So you ruthlessly pursue the antagonist who has torn the world asunder; however, before that you get to create the inquisitor. It is all up to you; an elf or a dwarf, a human or a mage, a rogue or a warrior; you can make the inquisitor look like whatever you want.

The changes don’t end there, for the first time you are the head of an organization where you control your subordinates order them around using your powers.

People who fall under your control are called agents, and you get to send them out for missions without having to go yourself. While at the same time you have choices to make, important decisions that would change how the future unfolds.

Not that we have not had information about Inquisition in the past, but you will still find this behind-the-scenes video educational. Let us know what you think about it.