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New Destiny Screens Rolled Out From Gamescom

Bungie, the developing hands behind the creation of the multibillion franchise game Halo have been working on their next venture Destiny for quite a while now. The game is being made in collaboration with publishers Activision who have, come Gamescom, revealed some more screenshots of the game.

The first intimation towards Destiny in Halo 3: OSDT where an image of earth and an orb with the caption “Destiny Awaits” was shown back in 2009, though the game was officially announced by the Bungie and Activision in February this year.

As expected, the screenshots from Gamescom show the “Guardians” wielding guns all over the anticipated areas that could include Venus, Mars and ruins from our dear old earth after destruction.

Only one city still stands while everything else has been destroyed and the Guardians have taken over to ensure safety, recovery and maybe a lot more to uncover.

We have compiled key features of the game including those already shared and new ones.

The game features three unique classes, with every one of them having exclusive looks and abilities; you could be a Titan, a Hunter or a Warlock.

Being a Titan you follow the role of the first Titans who built the wall and defended it. So you are the protective and defensive ones in nature. You are steadfast, experienced, strong and resilient and you come from a long line of heroes –so naturally, you are dangerous for the enemies too!

Hunters, as the name suggests are those who used to go out to wander the wilderness, took risks, brought back bounties. So you do the same, you take risks you get bigger rewards. Being experienced in the wild, being outlawed previously, you know how to bend things your way.

Warlocks are the ones who run after the truth, seek the untold and discover what has not been told. You have studied the Traveler and have mastered some of his energies too! You tend to go out in the unknown to uncover the Golden Age but that’s where you face your foes – be prepared!

It’s hard to imagine that the creators of something as intricate as Halo would disappoint you when it comes to storytelling. Bungie delves into the world of Heroes and Legends to give you a whole new world.

This is the fun part; the storyline by Bungie gives you a chance to create your own history. Venture out into the solar system reclaim treasures, and secrets bring back the Golden Age for good! When you go out and attain objectives, you grow powerful, better armed, more empowered just like the enemy you are up against.

The hordes of online players who are present in the same universe that you are exploring and trying to master, the persistent universe keeps growing you find new activities, objectives and earn rewards in a race against the others.

Talking of,the Public Spaces, come in where you want to intermingle with other players, you might cross paths with them and their Fireteams on similar missions. You could tag team with other to encounter dynamic events together, small skirmishes that you might want to indulge in together. There’s nothing better than defeating a common enemy with your friends.

Now that you are playing against and with your friends, you might want to upgrade your weaponry and armor; Destiny lets you fully personalize and customize all that.

Whatever you create for yourself stays with you in all the modes whether it is Destiny’s story, competitive multiplayer, and public combat destinations. The City lets you rearm and repair in a third person social environment.

Though the official release date has not been fixed we do know that we will see the game in 2014 on both the current generation and the next generation consoles.