Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Announced

The first expansion to Diablo III was officially announced earlier today at Gamescom in Cologne. This expansion pack came with a kick-ass trailer that you can watch above which introduces the new threat to Sanctuary in the form of Mathael, the Angel of Death. Aside from the trailer though, we also got to hear the details on some of the things that will be coming to Diablo III when Reaper of Souls launches.

First up is the addition of an extra class to the suite of five that Diablo III already offers. The new Crusader class is a mid-range melee character who harkens back to the Paladin class of Diablo II, and the Knight companion that can already be found in-game. The Crusader makes use of a shield and flail from what we’ve seen, and has “a Spartan ethos” according to game designer Kevin Martens. His skills make use of the shield with a shield bash and shield flare being part of his arsenal of skills. He can also call upon holy power ala the Monk to bring fists from the heavens down on his enemies.

The level cap is also being raised past the 60 mark, meaning that the new content will feature enemies stronger than ever before. Now you’ll be able to get to level 70, but the endgame content is being extensively revised to reflect this. Could that mean that Diablo, the current endgame boss, is going to get even stronger as well? Blizzard have stated that the “completely rethought” endgame will have something to provide for every player even after you’ve completed the story.

With the added levels means added skills and runes for the existing classes. There’d be no point if those levels only buffed your stats after all, you need more fun skills to play with! Blizzard haven’t confirmed what the new skills are going to be yet, but be sure they’ll reveal something in the near future.

New ‘Loot Run’ dungeons are also being thrown into the mix, giving players even more opportunity to pick up powerful weapons and armours from the periolous enemies of Sanctuary. Not only that, but the new loot drop system means that you’re guaranteed to find loot that is better for your character. The new Smart Drop system should see you finding items that are tooled to help out the class and build you’re playing. For example if you’re playing a high healing power, low damage Monk who uses polearms, then you’re more likely to find a new polearm that better reflects that build than say random fist weapons that are all about damage.