Deadlight Developer Turns to Cel-shaded Venture; Rime

Experimentation is taking its toll on some of the next gen developers, for good this time. At Sony’s Gamescom press conference a new open world adventure game was announced amidst applause. Rime comes from Tequila Works, the developers behind Deadlight.

Tequila Works are clearly taking a dive into a new genre for they are generally known for the zombie based sinister looking scroller that Deadlight is. Rime on the other hand is a colorful, cel-shaded game that could totally revamp their image.

In the 1 minute long introductory trailer that Sony showcased we have learnt of a post apocalyptic world where a child runs alone in search of destinations unknown – at least so far. The whole aura of the surroundings is that of a beautiful cartoony world hand made for a school book, except that the second half of the trailer hints towards a darker side to it.

Though it is just a child who walks the lands and the ruins as far as we have been shown, he also tries to fend away shadowy figures at night. The trailer ends with a apparition of a large sized baleful looking shadow of a character that might turn out to be the antagonist in the future.

Michael Denny, the Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios introduced the game to the audience by identifying it as an open world adventure where ruins of ancient civilizations will be explored by the players.

This is certainly not the first of its kind game, even by looking at the short trailer one could relate to the Journey and Ico, both from PlayStation 3 and 2 respectively. The Spanish developing house must be trying hard not to be labeled as a monster-only game developer.

It’s a lonely yet colorful world, have a look and let us know how interested you are?