Cyberfront Bringing Walking Dead to Japan

As reported by Siliconera, Walking Dead will be travelling to Japan pretty soon and the company taking it there is Cyberfront. The visual novel publisher is a Japan based company that has been bringing games to other regions and platform than the ones they have been actually made for/in.

Actually famous for visual novels like code_18 they have been involved in games too. Previously, Cyberfront was behind bringing the arcade game Mamorukun Curse to PS3 as well as Aselia the Eternal to PlayStation Portable. Other than that they have been bringing other games to Japan like the Skullgirls.

The Walking Dead is bound to enter Japan on the 5th of December and it has been leaked according to Siliconera that the guys at Cyberfront will be the ones behind this.

Publishing the Japanese version of the largely popular episodic game is certainly good news for them. The Walking Dead has been largely popular for being different from the usual zombie apocalypse based games insofar that it followed six episodes that relayed content thus focusing more on characters and developmental story building.

The Walking Dead has been developed and published by Telltale Games; the name behind quite a few other episode based titles.

The retail version of the graphic adventure had come out in May this year after the episodes completed encompassing a period of 7 months in 2012.