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Confirmed – Xbox One Comes with a Free FIFA 14

Previously rumored stories about Microsoft trying to get back at Sony in Europe are somewhat turning out to be true. Now, at Microsoft’s Gamescom showcase, the officials have confirmed that FIFA 14 will be bundled with the next gen console for free.

This is big news!

Getting the best selling and arguably the most popular football game of all platforms for free could just turn the table for the lately criticized Microsoft. Their pricing policies had been bashed onto by cynics all around for charging too much – especially when compared to competitor Sony.

Microsoft’s upcoming console has been priced at $499 which is a straight 100 bucks above PlayStation 4’s $399; this had led the public to lean towards Sony a bit more than usual – not to forget that Microsoft hasn’t had a very strong position in Europe even before this. This offer lasts “while stocks last”.

Another blow to Xbox One was the criticism they received for not being open to indie developers and binding users to check in online every 24 hours. Although they have backtracked on these policies, the public needed something like a free best selling game to overcome the price gap.

The announcement also shared that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will include exclusive legendary players like Dennis Bergkamp, Freddie Ljungberg, Patrick Vieira and Pele.

FIFA 14 has otherwise been priced at $47.