The Fighter Within is a Kinect Based Game by Ubisoft

Today’s Gamescom showcase of Microsoft made official another endeavor of Ubisoft that indulges Kinect to its capacities. The Fighter Within is a Kinect based total body combat game that was announced by Phil Harrison the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft.

Boasting of “kick-ass motion recognition” the press release that followed explains how the game will work. The Fighter Within will try to fulfill the promises made at the introduction of Kinect regarding motion control.

Previously, a domain registration leak had hinted towards this game when Microsoft was found in charge of domains ‘’ and ‘’.

Looking at the trailer that brags brawling against your friends just got real the actual game could be really impressive if it stands true to what the video portrays; but we still have very less information to go on before we start taking those assumptions, it is a mere 1:38 minute video that doesn’t really show real time gameplay.

According to what Ubisoft says, the game registers movements 1-to-1 which mean that every time you physically kick or punch, your avatar follows. The real gameplay might vary a bit for the video shared at the Gamescom wasn’t portraying the 1-to-1 movements as accurately as it should.

Fighter Within is being developed at Dakota and will release as an Xbox One exclusive this fall.