Ryse: Son of Rome – New Trailer Introduces the Co-op Mode

Cryteek introduced another spin in the game while talking about their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome. They call it the “Gladiator” mode which will be testing your co-op skills.

Like the name suggests, the newly announced play mode will put you in the shoe of the roman gladiators and inside the Coliseum for dynamic, blood rushing fights against enemies that range from barbarian hordes to trained gladiators themselves.

Even if the only contact you have had with the gladiators was due to Russell Crowe, the cheering crowds and the magnanimity of the Coliseum will make you want more of them after you have had hands on experience of Ryse. The trailer showcased at the Gamescom press conference makes sure of that.

Dynamically changing environments get supported by “dynamic tile sets” which are these movable floor pieces that help turn naval areas into ruins into strongholds – the cheering crowd stays the same.

With a complete range of new weapons, armor and shields you get to create your own gladiator to fight through the “ever changing horde of enemies”. A constant system of improvements and personalization will be backed by gold that you earn through victories. The earnings will also be used to cater to your gladiator’s health, focus, your XP and the crowd reaction.

The game comes with 11 full sized maps with customizable game types and modes. Buyers who are quick enough to get their hands on the Day One Edition of the game get a special bonus map too.

Looking at all that, it seems like Crytek is really trying to make their mark with the first day sales figures when the game releases as a launch title for Xbox One.