Finally! Ubisoft has Announced The Division for PC

After being announced at the E3 this year, we had learnt that Division would only be released to the consoles and not to PC. This is not the case anymore, thanks to the efforts of PC users as Ubisoft has finally announced that The Division will also have a PC version.

After the news about exclusion of the PC version spread a lot of us had the same reaction; demanding a PC version though we had previously shared our thoughts that this was a marketing gimmick and that The Division will release for PC – courtesy of Eurogamer.

Nevertheless, the Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist has come up on YouTube to announce that Ubisoft Massive has been all ears towards what the public had to say about the game and understood that “One of the most frequently-discussed topics has been about releasing The Division on PC”

He went on to confirm that there will be a PC version because the public has demanded so:

“You can be certain we will provide you with a first-rate PC experience.”

So there you go, wish granted. It has also been announced that the Xbox One version of the game will have exclusive content – looks like Microsoft is pulling a lot of strings to get back head to head with their rivals.

Ubisoft have not been very keen to announce The Division as a Massively Multiplayer Online game though it is an online co-operative shooter with most of the MMO styled features. Regardless, it is going to be a massive RPG where restoring order in a plague struck world will be your aim for life.

Eager much?