Might and Magic X: Legacy Gets Early Access & New Trailer

After a decade of absence, Might & Magic is back – will it be with a bang as well? We’ll wait and find out. The medieval fantasy based game is all set for a release this year as hinted by them earlier this year. Today, Ubisoft released a trailer for Might and Magic X: Legacy that brings insights into the early access version of the game.

Legacy is bound to hit the markets sometime later this year after nearly 11 years of silence since Might & Magic IX was released way back in 2002. Apart from being a long awaited comeback it is also going to be important due to the fact that it will be the first game for the franchise under Ubisoft’s ownership.

The trailer maintains the touch of originality in the game that fans had come to love in the earlier versions of the game. Obviously it has a major dungeon crawl portion in it but it looks like Ubisoft is taking the Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves out into the open too.

Ubisoft’s trailer comes in the wake of an announcement regarding an early access version of the game that will be made available to players through Steam Early Access and UPlay Shop. Will the old timers want to buckle up for the ride even though the game is still in development? I guess so!

The game that made a legacy in the Role Playing Game genre boasts of its class in the trailer which usually revolves around the massive looking dungeons telling you on the way that there will be 12 different playable classes – you get to play the first four through the early access. Towards the end of the trailer you get a feeling of the open world that Ubisoft has added to the game’s conventional gameplay.

According to PCGamesN, Steam will set you back $19.99 for an access though the developmental phase of the game, UPlay also offers the same deal for the same rate with an additional special edition complete with physical cloth maps etc. Preordering allows you to play the first act and later on get either the physical or the digital copy of the game.

Did that impress you enough? If not, try Steam or UPlay for the actual early access and let us know if there was anything that changed your mind about the game.

Source: DualShockers