Microsoft’s Has Announced ID@Xbox ‘Self Publishing Platform’ For Xbox One

After heeding to independent developers’ complaints regarding lack of support, Microsoft had recently revamped their policies to build a more inclusive relationship with indie developers. Now they are laying out a roadmap to how independent self publishing would be facilitated in the future.

ID@Xbox is in the full form, Independent Developers @ Xbox; a newly announced program that will control how and when independent developers come into the broader fold of the Xbox platform.

Microsoft has announced the ID@Xbox platform at their Gamescom press conference stating that they will start accepting applications from indie studios from today.

Developers who apply in this round will be approved by this fall and those with a proven track record shipping games on console, PC, mobile or tablet will obviously get prioritized. Chris Charla, one of IGN’s earliest editors will lead the ID@Xbox program.

After announcing that the previously relayed promise about consoles being able to serve as devkits will not stand true until sometime later in the future, Microsoft officials went on to state that the approved developers will get two developer kits for free.

This comes in addition to a free application as well as a free submission of titles for certification –not to forget the update fees that were previously waived off.

As far as the consoles that could serve as devkits are concerned, the idea has not been totally scrapped, rather Marc Whitten states that such a facility will require time. He also stated that:

We need to get it ready for… the process for moving from a small number of developers to just clicking on a link to enable a console as a developer kit.

Needless to say, Microsoft will stay choosy when it comes to quality of games because that is one area they wouldn’t want to compromise on.

Whitten was of the opinion that the games will be surfaced based on trends, recommendations and Editor’s Choice –I guess the process will be enough to ensure the quality check.

This is surely a step forward towards an actually broader development policy, let see how the indie developers take it now.