Fable: Legends Announced

It had been a little over a year since the last Fable game came out in the market, and do you expect it to be left out by Microsoft when their next generation console is just around the corner? Well, they don’t. Microsoft has officially announced Fable: Legends at their Gamescom conference.

Only a day ago, the spying heads of gaming news industry had spotted two domain registrations by Microsoft with the same name i.e. Fable Legends.com and FableLegends.net but naturally the news wasn’t confirmed until now.

As for the speculations that had been made previously regarding the genre of the game – it is indeed a Multiplayer but no, it’s not an MMO.

Also currently in development is an HD remake of the original Fable game now titled Fable: Anniversary but we think the remake is just an insinuation towards the new game now announced. The last game known to the Fable fans was Fable: The Journey which started its voyage in 2012.

Moreover, a new forum was launched by Lionhead Studios for the franchise; you might want to check it out now that the next game in the action role playing series is official.

Hit back for more information some time soon.