COD Ghosts Xbox One Bundle and Dedicated Servers Revealed

During a pre-Gamescom press briefing, Microsoft has shown off an image of the Xbox One premium edition that comes bundled with Call of Duty: Ghosts confirming the news. The bundle will also include Kinect and other bonus game contents.

It was also announced by Infinity Ward that the next gen console’s Cloud Platform will be put to use in order to provide dedicated servers to the Xbox One users. This would not only be a turn away from player hosted multiplayer matches but also put to test the newly introduced Cloud.

That’s not where the news ends, the Publishers Activision shared insights into the game’s multiplayer mode as well. The game will now house Blitz, a new multiplayer mode revolving around objective based gameplay. To put in simple words, players will be fighting to capture points that their opponents hold in order to win.

A new map named Chasm that showcases a city in ruins where drones, dogs and choppers walk free was displayed along with an invisibility cloak – that one’s cheesy.

Though no pricing details or release dates have been revealed regarding the aforementioned bundle, we expect it to be somewhere around the corner right along the actual release date of the console.

The release date for Call of Duty: Ghosts itself is November 5th for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC so we expect the launch to be somewhere around the same time.