No Street Fighter for Wii U Users – Capcom Confirms

Bad news for the diehard Nintendo fans today, Yoshinori Ono who is the Video Game’s Producer at CAPCOM as well as Street Fighter Series Executive has confirmed (rather reconfirmed) through twitter that the developers have no plans of bringing the fighting liege to their consoles.

Capcom will not be bringing Street Fighter to Wii U because Ono conveyed so through a tweet on his official twitter page two days ago. Tweeting in response to a fan who asked “@Snowman_2002: Will we see any SF for other fans on the wii u?” Yoshnori Ono shared that:

“We apologize that we don’t have plan about it at this moment.”

Previously Ono had made a similar confession on twitter when Ultra Street Fighter 4 was announced. He was asked the same question by a fan and he stated that they had no plans of bringing Ultra Street Fighter 4 to Wii U along with PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

Announced at EVO Championship Series 2013 last month, the game is apparently going to be a major release and will add additional characters to the game too when it hits the market in early 2014.

This could be due to the decreased market coverage of the console as well as lower sales figures. Only recently Nintendo had shared their financials portraying a profit albeit decreased Wii U sales –only 160000 units were sold worldwide during the quarter ended June 2013.

Ultra Street Fighter will be an update to the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and is being developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC.

Source: CVG