Homefront 2 Early Gameplay Footage Leaked

Courtesy of AGBLeaks, VGLeaks has reported a leaked gameplay footage of Crytek UK’s upcoming First Person Shooter Homefront 2. The game is a direct sequel to the 2011 game of the same genre.

The dailymotion page of AGBLeaks uploaded a video depicting the early build version of the game recently. Though the demo has clear omissions of certain textures and still has rough edges, all this is certainly forgivable for the fact that the game is still in an early developmental stage.

Prior to the video leakage, no solid information had been relayed apart from a vague 2014 release date and the fact that it was probably going to be a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release. The official unveiling was scheduled for Gamescom this week – something that the leak has altered.

Homefront 2 is supposed to be a singleplayer/multiplayer first person shooter just like its predecessor, but that is all we know so far about the similarities between the two. Could it be that HF2 follows the same anti communist resistance theme that HF revolved around? Whatever that might be, it is still going to be worth a try at least for the sake of those who doted the previous version.

Previously the actual creators of the franchise Homefront; THQ had shut down and the rights were bought over by publishers Crytek. We will await confirmation from Crytek about the authenticity of the video nevertheless it is still worth a watch, despite the buggy graphics. It is still something to go on!