GDC Europe 2013: Nintendo Details Wii U Web Framework Dev-Kits

The GDC (Game Developers Conference) Europe 2013 saw to Nintendo promoting their Web Framework and Unity support for publishing and development for Wii U.

Martin Buchholz, manager of developer relations of Nintendo Europe, came forward and explained how their framework would allow web game developers to quickly and easily port their content to the Wii U.

To help overcome obstacles, Nintendo is providing developers with preset libraries which can be directly used to bring HTML5 and Javascript games to the Wii U in minimal time.

Popular programming support libraries such as jQuery, Underscore and Handlebars have been tested, as well as rendering and art tools such as Processing.js and pixi.js.

Following that presentation, Nintendo then moved on to showcasing their specialized dev-kit libraries called Impact and Enchant. The demonstration for Impact with the GamePad allowed everyone to see key debug information.

In one instance, for an 8-bit platformer, a new platform was painted in the game world, and the dev-kit worked its magic by automatically updating it into the live game.

The second dev kit library, Enchant, was not demonstrated during the panel. However, it was announced that Glandarius Wing Strike, an iOS game developed with the language, is currently in development for Wii U using the Nintendo Web Framework.

Nintendo assured everyone that those working with the framework will have full access to the all of GamePad’s funtions, including its touch display, gyroscope, internal speaker and so on.

They’ll also be able to publish their games to the eShop and have the freedom to set their own release date and price. They also will not have to undergo the red-tape and pay any certification fees to release post updates.