Child of Light Revealed to Draw Inspiration from JRPGs

Ubisoft’s panel today at GDC Europe 2013 revealed that “Child of Light” is going to draw inspiration from classic JRPG games.

The game is being built using the UbiArt Framework, Ubisoft’s own engine which was used for Rayman Origins and for the upcoming Rayman Legends as well. Patrick Plourde, who previously directed Far Cry 3, is heading the project and he explained that the engine facilitates them to be able to bring their fairy tale to life.

The gameplay is said to be a combination between morbid indie platformer Limbo and Square’s popular hit Final Fantasy VI. Battles are going to be turn-based with side-scrolling gameplay.

Plourde revealed that the game is going to be available in digital format only.

“With digital, there’s no shelf space to fight over, and that is the crux of the battle in publishing,” he said.

“At that level it doesn’t even matter if the game is good or not,” Plourde said. “I just didn’t want that thing of having to deal with Best Buy anymore. They’re fine people, I think they’re great, but dealing straight with the consumer, dealing directly with them, then it’s entirely up to them to decide.”

Child of Light is a project being taken by a small force of just 40 members. There is plenty of projects being tackled there and perhaps when they are done with, man-power will be shifted over.

Plourde didn’t mention on which platforms the JRPG-inspired game would release on. However, he did say that a mobile release won’t happen when the game releases later this year.