Batman: Arkham Origins Uses Steamworks on PC Instead of GFWL

While the previous two Arkham titles used Games for Windows Live, Arkham Origins will ditch that and instead adopt Steamworks.

Warner Bros. confirmed the news over the weekend saying that the multiplayer component and achievements section will all be managed by Valve’s Steamworks on the PC version of Batman: Arkham Origins.

The publisher failed to mention if related features such as Cloud saves, Trading Cards and Big Picture support would be present as well. I think it’s safe to assume that they will be.

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City both utilized Games for Windows Live for game saves and achievements management. It was a pain really. Some of us went for offline profiles instead and later regretted our option. Currently none of the achievements unlock on Steam but there were talks of a new update that would fix that.

Batman: Arkham Origins will release on October 25 and pre-ordering it now will net you access to DeathStroke and two bonus challenge maps. The game is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, while the multiplayer is being handled by Splash Damage.

Batman: Arkham Origins is essentially a prequel, taking place at a time when the concept of Batman is relatively new in Gotham.